Final Camera Test Trailer

Our final camera test before beginning principle photography for the Trees. This test chronicles the relationship between two best friends from the same projects. Shot on the Red One with cinema lenses. Starring David Arthur Clark, London Durham, and Ashley Walker.



Following a horrific act of violence, a tormented mother finds herself seeking refuge from the very man responsible, her estranged husband, an Afghanistan war vet . As she experiences evil on a realistic level, a series of strange unexplained events start to unfold in the surrounding trees of her home.

Written and Directed by: David Arthur Clark

Director of Photography: Nicky Milo

Treatment by: David Arthur Clark and Eric Alloway

Producers: Tara Jane, Ari Papanikolas, Armando Diaz

Executive Producers: David Arthur Clark, Joe Volpicelli

Starring: David Arthur Clark, Ashley Walker, Chalet Brannan, London Durham, Millean Clark, La Tina Webb.

Production begins November 2014, with most principle photography being shot in San Diego.

Below are camera tests shot on the Red One MX, captured at 4K. Also some other tests for quick pick up shots used the Canon 70D with various prime and cinema lenses.